Teaching music? Broadcast a show online to advertise your music tutoring!

If you are one of the numerous musicians who like to share their knowledge and skills through teaching, there’s one more way to promote your music lessons that has emerged with the online concert popularity. Your online concert can become not just a tool to make money off live online performances and growing your fanbase, but selling your music lessons and/or courses.

You can use any upcoming online show you’ve been planning to do this or you can create an online music event just for the purpose of promoting your teaching services. Either way, you can offer ticket bundles that include music lessons or courses and your fans and show attendees can grab their music lessons both before or during your show.

Let’s look at the key benefits of using your online concert to promote your music teaching.

  • Higher conversion rate

Another benefit of using your show to promote your music lessons is that you have your audience focused on you during the show and thus a great platform to let them know they can sign up for music lessons with you. A mention of your music lessons during the show can be as brief or extensive as you like and being delivered by you in person can be much more compelling to action than a post on social media.

  • Fans get a preview of your skills

During the show fans will be reminded of how much they like your music and be newly excited about the prospect of following your footsteps and learning to play or sing just like you do. And any decisions require an emotion to fuel them, so by coinciding an invitation for your fans to consider buying your online lessons with your online event which your fans are excited about will make it easier for them to make a decision!

Setting up music lesson sale through your online show

There are two main approaches you can take when selling your music lessons and/or courses with your online show — you can either include a ticket type that bundles show admission with your music lesson, so that some fans can opt to just buy a basic show admission tickets while others can pay a bit more and get both admission to your show and a music lesson with you at a separately scheduled time.

Another way is to create a separate ticket type that only includes your online lesson or course. This way, fans who have bought your show ticket can buy the additional music lesson ticket while the show is going on — you can invite fans to check out other ticket options as they are watching your event on Show4me by clicking the Support artist button.

You can create up to ten different ticket types for your online concert on Show4me, which gives plenty of room to offer several admission tickets, tickets bundled with merch, and your music lessons.

Online concert ticket package examples

Let’s look at some examples from shows held on Show4me:

A ticket to Elizabeth Michelle Heryawan concert on Show4me in June 2020

Tickets to Simo Khzami concert on Show4me in October 2020

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