Music marketing over the holidays — should you do it?

The year is in its final month and Christmas is on everyone’s minds. Hanukkah is already here and holiday music is all around us. Tis the season to catch the wave and squeeze some last drops of marketing juice out of the year.

We’ve created a list of simple and actionable holiday marketing activities that you can put together in under two hours to help you connect with your fans again and expand the reach of your music to those actively seeking fun and excitement in this magical season.

Holiday email

If you have the resources to send out a pretty holiday email to your fans, now’s the time to do it. Craft a warm message and congratulate your followers on the coming year.

Tease an upcoming project or offer a discount on your merch or music to get the best out of your effort.

Year-end summary

Arguably, this is one of all-time faves for a lot of people. Spotify Wrapped was this year’s hottest topic for a few days, and YouTube Rewind, though cancelled this year, was a favorite in the years past. People love looking back, reminiscing, and taking stock of what’s passed.

Create your very own end of the year summary and share with your fans on social media or in the holiday email we’ve talked about in our previous point.

Video message

In the time of a pandemic, it usually doesn’t get much more personal than recording a video for your fans.

Whether you want to congratulate your fans on the holiday season, send them your warmest wishes, share a holiday cover you’ve been rehearsing, tease new music, or release a Christmas track, a video you’ve made just for the holidays this year will warm your fans’ hearts like no other!

Online holiday concert

Many musicians are now preparing their holiday shows on Show4me, follow their suit and create your own event to connect with fans live and play your favorite holiday tracks or your own seasonal music.

Our team of artist success managers works 24/7 to help you set up the show without a sweat, and you don’t have to spend a dime! Draft your own show now.

Flash sale

Take a page out of store marketing rulebook and run a flash sale for a day ora couple of hours — offering an irresistibly massive discount on your music, merch, or upcoming show tickets.

Want more ideas? Our fresh blog post covers them all, read the original over here.



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