Keywords for musicians — a guide

Bet you did not think a lot about using specific keywords to make your music more easily discoverable by your potential fans and followers. So we’ve created a simple guide to help you understand why keywords are important and how to select just the right ones!

Keywords when submitting your music

When you are uploading your song to streaming or music sales platforms, it’s important to add detailed description to your track and use keywords either in the description or a tags/keywords field when you are submitting your tracks.

This practice will help your potential audience discover your music as they search the platform.

This is what a music upload form looks like on Show4me:

Use keywords relevant to your track in the Extra info box. Think of this as a small ad for your track and highlight its best qualities and how and why it can appeal to the audiences.

Since people are usually just scanning the text online, it’s best to rely on keywords that can relay your story even if a person is not exactly reading very attentively.

Let’s look at this example of an album description by an alternative pop/rock band out of the UK All Hail Hyena:

They used genre keywords along with a few bands that can provide their potential listener with a frame of reference for what type of music they are about to hear.

Keywords to use on your website

While a band’s or musician’s website is normally relying on its visuals, you still need to include things like your brief bio or an intro to let people know what your music is about, what have you achieved so far, and maybe your goals, inspirations, and influences.

When it comes to keywords to use for your artist website, we’ve compiled a small selection you can use:

Musician to hire
Musician for hire
Musician near me
Musician finder
Band finder
Concerts near me
Bands near me

More keywords are available in the original blog post on Show4me

Keywords for social media hashtags

Social media hashtags are a beast of their own — they help people find new stuff to follow and discover accounts they never knew they needed in their lives. With hashtags on social media, it’s important to find the ones that people use regularly so that the content there is fresh and keeps people looking through them but not too spammed so that it’s all irrelevant images and nobody can use the hashtag to find what they are actually looking for.

The best way to find the hashtags that will get you discovered on social media is see which ones musicians in a similar niche are using. On Instagram, a good hashtag normally has upwards of 50K posts but not over a million and the content there is not spammy but relevant to the hashtag’s topic. Search for #coverband and #coverbands and you’ll see that these two hashtags have quality content in them and a lot of fresh posts.

Some other hashtag ideas are: #bedroomproducer, #homestudio, #homestudiolife, #homestudiosetup, #beatmaker, #beatmakers, #beatmakerlife, #electronicmusic, #electronicmusician, #musicislife, #musicmakers, #sounddesign, #sounddesigner, #songwriter, #songwriterlife, #songwriters, #singersongwriter, #songwritersofinstagram, #songwriterslife, #hiphopartist, #hiphopbeats, #indierockband, #indierockmusic, #musiciansofinstagram, #bandlife.

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