How to sell out an online concert? Three artists who did it tell us their secrets

Selling out a show is regarded as a rite of passage for any up-and-coming musician. With most of the world confined to the online show format, selling out which is even trickier as the number of tickets offered is no longer limited by venue capacity, now is the time to talk tactics and methods that can help you get your online concert sold out.

We connected with three artists on Show4me who sold out their online shows with 50+ tickets.

Selling out a show for 10 or 20 people might not seem like a big accomplishment (although often it is, especially for artist who are just starting out), but selling out 50, 75, and 85 tickets (these are the number of tickets our artists sold) is quite an achievement.

We’ve interviewed the three musicians to find out exactly what helped them achieve the coveted “sold out” on their events.

Neethusha Cherckal

85 tickets sold

Indian pop diva Neethusha Cherckal relied on personal approach in her online concert promo. After she did the posts and Story updates on all of her social media, she also reached out via personal messages to fans and friends who she knew enjoyed her art.

This resulted in huge sales for her show tickets and led her to the sold out event in the end!

Elizabeth Michelle Heryawan

75 tickets sold

Skilled pianist Elizabeth Michelle Heryawan decided to host a relaxing piano showcase to provide a soothing musical experience for all those impacted by the pandemic.

She says her show topic was her key path to success with the event — people flocked to the idea and her manager Adam knew her fan engagement levels well enough to advise her just the right number of tickets to offer for the night.

Larissa Goretkin

50 tickets sold

Brazilian musician and music teacher now living in Portugal Larissa Goretkin shares that it was letting her fans know just how important this event and selling all of the tickets was to her that led her to the sold out status.

Larissa hosted the show to celebrate her birthday and many of the fans were happy to snatch a ticket and support their fave!

Curious about the exact tactics the musicians used to communicate with fans and more details about their campaigns? Read the full article, complete with artist interviews detailing their experience, on our blog here.



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