Emailing fans about your online show

Sending out an email alert or invite to let your fans know about your upcoming online show is important if you want to keep them updated with your work and sell more tickets to the show.

In our latest blog post here we are looking at the best practices when sending out such an email (or several) and giving some tips and examples on how to craft the perfect message.

Let’s dive into the topic and outline some of the key aspects of the process.

First, do not spam your fans. Send only relevant information and don’t send too many messages about the same thing. Also try to create an appealing design that will be coherent with your artist brand.

When it comes to an online concert announcement, you want to make it exciting and induce FOMO. You also need to explain to your fans what they are getting out of the show that they didn’t when it was in person. Online shows have only gone mainstream in the recent months, so many fans might think they are boring or do not deliver the same energy or quality of experience.

Another important aspect of a good email concert invite is focusing on you key selling point for that specific show — why that specific event is special and unmissable? People are spending their money and time to join you and watch your performance, so they need to be presented a preview of their experience.

You don’t have to share your whole playlist or show program, but giving a glimpse of the best features of the show — a topic, music premiere, special guests, or picturesque location, or even the opportunity to connect with you, ask questions, and hang out. All of these will make it more clear to your audience why exactly they should consider joining the event.

To get your message across, make sure your email is brief and to the point. To complement your key selling point, only include the most vital show information to get your fans to click through to the show page — include your show title, date and time, and the link to the show page. Think of your email announcement as a teaser, you need to get people to click through.

Listing all the reasons why your invite recipient should buy a ticket to your show can be overwhelming to your reader, so just hook them with the teaser and continue convincing on your show page!

But what if your fans just don’t see your message in their inbox or are too busy to open it? Well, one solution is creating a small email campaign and sending out several emails to make sure you reach as many on your email list as possible.

Final thoughts

Email remains the top converting digital marketing tool, so you should use it to invite fans to your upcoming online show to increase your ticket sales, as well as keep the fans in the loop. Even if they can’t make it to this particular show, they will appreciate knowing what you are up to (that is, if you don’t spam them).

Curious about the subject of your email? Read our tips in the full blog post here



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