Crowdfunding vs Music Crowdfunding: Is there a Differance?

As an artist who is determined to professionally build a music career, you have a choice to make on how to fund your multiple music projects: use your own funds, find a label or other third party to provide the investments, or you can crowdfund. Crowdfunding is defined exactly how it sounds. A crowd is literally funding the project at hand, whatever that project might be. I’m sure you’ve heard about crowdfunding giant- Kickstarter. But, the type of crowdfunding we’ll be looking at today is music & concert crowdfunding
designed exclusively for artists like you and their music projects like funding albums, music videos, tours, concert, live shows, etc.

Ask any artist or music industry professional “What are your thoughts on crowdfunding?” and you are most likely to receive completely different answers spanning from super negative to highly positive. The truth is, music & concert crowdfunding, when done correctly on the right platform, is a great business tool for musicians and artists. And not just artists, but also fans.

To Crowdfund or Not to Crowdfund?

The benefits of music & concert crowdfunding to the artist are actually quite straightforward. Rather than fund your new albums, EPs, singles or music events like concerts and live shows yourself, or with the help of a label, your true fans will do so for the opportunity participate in the creative process. This takes the financial burden off your shoulders and allows you to focus more on creating great music. You see, it’s a win-win.

Money Problems Used to Handicap Music Creators- But No More!

When mentioning a financial burden, I bet every artist got a bit anxious… Unfortunately, money doesn’t stir up positive emotions and excitement for artists. Getting money and funds you need for your music- is more often feels like ‘mission impossible’ than ‘wake up rich and famous’. Whether you are funding an album or a tour, money is always of concern and one of the greatest roadblocks on the way to music success. Too many artists are short cutting proper recording, marketing, distribution, and other business
aspects when releasing music or organizing a live show in an effort to save money. It makes sense on one hand, but on the other, it hurts the whole music production, distribution and consumption processes.

By utilizing music & concert crowdfunding, artists have a safe place to build their career from. The development of networks like Show4me with the music & concert crowdfunding tools gives independent artists a zero-loss and risk free option to record, market, and distribute their music and organize music events. How? By teaming up with your fans, who support their favorite artists by pledging in advance for their music projects.

Risk Free?- Yes Please!

I know it’s hard for you to believe, but you truly have nothing to lose when running a crowdfunding campaign. But it is guaranteed that the absolute worst-case scenario is that you do not reach your funding goal, your fans get a refund and your music project will need to be revised, corrected and improved… and you can try again. Music interaction network like Show4me gives you as many chances as you need to master your music & concert crowdfunding skills to build your music career. Practice makes perfect, you’ll definitely get a hang of it pretty soon.

It was Always True Fans Keeping Your Music Alive.

This is perhaps the most unique and beneficial aspect of crowdfunding. There is a delusion that crowdfunding campaigns are just for the sake of money raising. It certainly can be the case and we’ve seen it so many times with crowdfunding campaigns. I believe, it all depends on a crowd. But Show4me makes music & concert crowdfunding different. Your crowd is your true fans, and the business model is built on direct interaction and encourages to build intimate relationships with your fans. These strong relationships are what you need as an artist, whether you choose to crowdfund or not.
This is much harder to do on platforms like social media since they don’t have this level of deep personal interaction.

It is not a secret that the intimate experience is what your true fans want most. Show4Me can give them that. The key is to make your fans feel like they are part of the process. You as an artist want them to feel like they are an important part of creating your music or organizing music event. You can virtually take them into the studio or on the road with you by video recording the process and experiences etc. True fans would love to experience the lifestyle of their favorite artists.

There are so many innovative ways to build stronger individual relationships with fans through music & concert crowdfunding. And if you invest your time and undivided attention into cultivating and growing those relationships with your fans, they no doubt will want to support you.

Last, but not the least: The Right Platform Matters

Believe me, crowdfunding music-related projects requires the right platform. There are many platforms that are great for other kinds of crowdfunding, but few of these are developed especially for artists and music fans. Show4Me is a new music interaction network that was created exactly for this purpose. What’s more, the concert crowdfunding is something you can find on Show4me only.

Platforms that are more geared towards businesses and not musicians and their fans present many problems. They do not allow for the correct dynamic between artists and their fans. As a result, crowdfunding campaigns on these platforms come across more like investment pitches rather than collaboration between artists and their fans. That is why selecting the correct platform is as important to a successful crowdfunding campaign as any other aspect. Show4Me was created to allow for this dynamic. It is the perfect platform to fund your next release, tour or concert. Learn more here.

When it comes to funding your next tour, album, or another music endeavor, choosing to crowdfund is always a good option. Not only will you receive the many benefits outlined here but you also have nothing to lose. When you chose not to crowdfund, you are essentially selling yourself and your career short.

Choose the right platform like Show4me with music & concert crowdfunding to accelerate your career and take you where you want to be much faster.




Show4me is a global music interaction network for musicians, music lovers, as well as record labels, concert promoters & other music industry pros.

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Show4me Music Interaction Network

Show4me Music Interaction Network

Show4me is a global music interaction network for musicians, music lovers, as well as record labels, concert promoters & other music industry pros.

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