A music app to rule them all

Show4me has just released its brand new app for music fans and aficionados last month, so you might not have heard about it yet, but chances are, you will.

See, Show4me app combines quite a string of factors that make a mobile music app a fun place to hang out:

  • it’s free
  • it’s ad-free
  • there’s only music-related content in the feed
  • there’s not just music there, there are online concerts too
  • you can follow musicians and bands and tip them or buy premium per-artist subscriptions to support their work financially
  • there are handpicked music charts updated weekly for easy music discovery
  • it’s for true diehard music geeks

The app is promoting a sense of community around any given artist with the help of the Artistclub format. It wants you to buy music from specific artists instead of getting a subscription which will then have to be redistributed to the creators.

Music listening and discovery in the Show4me app is quick and intuitive, and while you listen, you can comment on musicians’ updates in their Artistclubs, engage in conversations with fellow fans, find music news and content to learn more about what you love.

All of this while there’s no distracting, non-music-related content and no ads.

Sounds neat? Get the app in AppStore or Google Play.

Want more info on the app? Head on over to our blog detailing all the features of the app here.



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