8 ways to monetize music on Show4me

If you want to create and/or play music as a career, it’s important to know all your options when it comes to the revenue streams your music can bring.

While there are multiple ways to earn money through music, in this post we will outline the music monetization options for musicians and bands who are using Show4me.

On Show4me, there is a total of 8 ways to monetize music. Most of them are direct sales to the fans through the artist’s Artist club on Show4me. Creating and maintaining the Artist club is free for the artist, only fees on Show4me are success-based and apply to just the profit generated through sales on the platform.

Music sales

Artists and music creators can sell their music — albums, EPs, and singles in their Artist club to make profit.

Artist club memberships

Fan can join musicians’ Artist clubs either for free or as premium members. Premium subscription costs $1/year.

Online concerts

On Show4me, we offer a functionality to ticket and stream online shows. Up to 10 ticket types can be created for each show.

Offline & hybrid shows

Musicians and their teams can also ticket their in-person shows, as well as events with mixed online and offline audiences. Same 10 ticket tiers are available to create for any show.


You can sell merch on Show4me as part of your show ticket — add a T-shirt/mug/hat/bag to one of the ticket types for fans to be able to buy it when getting a show ticket. Since a large chunk of merch sales happens before and after shows anyway, this is a great way to bump up your merch sales and increase show profit.

Music lessons

Alternatively, you can add a music lesson as one of your concert ticket types. Fans would love to have their favorite musician help them learn music and improve their skill.


Show4me has built-in tipping for album purchases, so when your fans are buying an album, EP, or single from you, they can either pay the price you’ve set or type in a higher price to tip you and support your art with a larger contribution, if they can and want to.


Crowdfunding (or fan-funding for music) is a way to gauge the demand for your shows and be sure you will not invest money in putting together an event people wouldn’t want to attend. By launching a ticket pre-sale campaign on Show4me you can estimate the demand and only hold your show if your minimum budget is met.

If the campaign fails to raise enough funds, every contributor is refunded, so it’s a no-risk endeavour.

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